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Pioneer SX-1080 am fm stereo receiver vintage 1970's rated 120 watts per channel


Vintage Pioneer SX-1080 receiver SERVICED & CLEANED Excellent Condition


Pioneer SX-1080 receiver - restored


Vintage Pioneer SX-1080 Stereo Receiver Excellent Working Condition


Vintage Pioneer SX-1080 with LED upgrade SERVICED excellent working condition


Pioneer SX-780-1980 SX-1080 SX-1280 SX-680 Knob Flip Lever Cover AAD-138


Pioneer SX-1080 2SB701 Output Transistor Assembly AWX-125


Pioneer SX 1080 Watts/ Signal/ Tuning Meters


Pioneer SX-780-1980 SX-1080 SX-1280 SX-680 Balance Knob And Tuner Knob


Pioneer SX-1080 Electrolytic Capacitor 22000/71V ACH-085


Pioneer SX-1080 2SD737 Output Transistor Assembly AWX-125


SX-1080 ATW-0040 atw-001 filter assembly board


Pioneer SX-1080 Protection Assembly AWM-120


Pioneer SX-1280 SX-1080 SX-980 Double Meter (Tuning & Signal) AAW-075


Pioneer SX-980 SX-1080 Function & Equalizer Switch Assembly GWS-125


Pioneer SX-980 SX-1080 Tone Control Board AWG-056


SX-1080 AKA-002 antenna jack assembly


Pioneer SX-1080 Power Amp Assembly AWH-071-A


Pioneer SX-1050, SX-1080, 980, 950etc. LED Bulb, Lamp, Light, Kit fits Complete.


Pioneer SX-980 SX-1080 Dial Shaft Assembly AXA-180


Pioneer SX-980 SX-1080 SX-1280 SX-780 Bar Antenna & Holder ATB-505 & AXB-012


Pioneer SX-838 SX-950 SX-1080-SX-737 SX-850 SX-636 Bass/Trable Control ACV-136


Pioneer SX-980 SX-1080 Flat Amplifier Assembly GWG-112


Pioneer SX-980 SX-1080 Speaker Terminal Assembly GWS-132 & AKE-129 & GWS-128


Pioneer SX-1080 Push Switch Assembly (Filter's / FM Ect) ASG-128


Pioneer SX-1080 tone control board AWG-056


Pioneer SX-1280 SX-1080 SX-980 SX-1980 Balance Control ACV-190


Pioneer SX-1080 back panel for multi-voltage version only


SX-1080 SX-1280 face plate plastic insert for tuner drum from dial to glass


Pioneer SX-1250 SX-1280 SX-1080 SX-1050 AC- Power Cord ADG-013


PIONEER SX-1080 SX-1250 SX-1280 RECEIVER PARTS - board/switch AWT-004


Pioneer SX-1280 SX-1080 SX-980 Tuning DrumAssy & Dial Pointer AXA-113 & AAF-065


PIONEER SX-1080 SX-1250 SX-1280 RECEIVER PARTS - switch - de-emphasis 6 pin


Pioneer SX-980 SX-1080 Speaker Switch Assembly ASG-133 or GWS-131 or GWS-124


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 SX-1080 SX-1280 SX-980 SX-680 BALANCE KNOB AAB-176


PIONEER SX-1080 SX-1250 SX-1280 RECEIVER PARTS - jack - RCA (4)