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10 Speaker Cabinet

Silvertone 150 Cabinet With 6 Heppner 10 Speakers PICK UP ONLY


Sears silvertone 1485 danelectro 6 x 10 speaker cabinet


Kustom PA KPC10M 10" Monitor Speaker Cabinet with Horn


2x10 solid Pine, Raw wood Extension Guitar speaker Empty cabinet G2X10ST RW


SEISMIC AUDIO 210 Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet 4Ohm 2x10


1x10 solid Pine, Raw wood Extension Guitar speaker Empty cabinet G1X10ST RW


rawcabs 4x10 narrow panel bassman unfinished pine extension speaker cabinet


rawcabs 1x10 close back pine extension speaker cabinet


2x10 Vertical slant solid raw Pine, Extension Guitar speaker Empty cabinet


2x10 Guitar Speaker empty Cabinet Charcoal black Texture Tolex G2X10ST


Quilter Labs BlockDock 10TC 100W 1x10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet


Unique Avatar Bass cab with 10" and 15" speaker cabinet, - 4ohms


2x10 Vertical Guitar Speaker Empty Cabinet Charcoal black Tolex


AUDIOZONE new unfinished 2x10 closed back cabinet, no speakers.


AUDIOZONE 1x10" amp cabinet, with new blank chassis, no speaker


Hartke VX 8x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet


Vintage Fender Angled Speaker Guitar Cabinet 4x10" Woofers


RARE 1970 PLUSH 4000G amp & 8x10 speaker cabinet black


Epifani Epifunky 4x10 Bass Cabinet Speaker.


VTG Marshall Mini Micro Stack Top Angled Speaker Cab Cabinet Only 1x10" Lead 15


Tone Tubby 2 x 10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet w/ Red Alinco Speakers




AUDIOZONE 2x10" cabinet with new Jensen mod 10/35 speakers. 8 ohm impedance


4x10 Guitar Amplifier Speaker Cabinet Blonde & Oxblood, Weber Alnico 10s




Ampeg Micro VR SVT210AV 2x10 Speaker Cabinet


Hiwatt Mini Stack Speakers 1x10  Celestion Speaker (Rare)


1960's Marshall 1990 8x10 Speaker Cabinet #32525


David Eden D210T 2x10" Speaker Cabinet w/Horn USED


2x10 Guitar Spkr Cabinet W/CELESTION G10 Speakers Charcoal black Tolex G2X10ST


AUDIOZONE 2x10" open back, new jensen mod 10/35 speakers, cabinet defects


AUDIOZONE 2x10" amp cabinet, new blank chassis, 2 new jensen mod 10/35 speakers


AUDIOZONE unfinished 2x10" open back cabinet, no speakers. New with defects


Harbinger 10 inch PA Speaker Cabinet (Cabinet Only)


acoustic model B810 Speaker (800 W 8×10″ Bass Guitar Cabinet)


POWERWERKS PW10ML 10" 60W Speaker Cabinet NEW - Monitor


VTG Marshall Mini Micro Stack Bottom Speaker Cab Cabinet Only 1x10" Lead 15 MS


2X10 w tweeter Bass Guitar Empty Speaker Cabinet Fire Red Tolex Black Face


Fender Rumble 410 500W 4x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet 8 Ohms Demo


Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 110 1x10" Guitar Speaker Cabinet


2X10 Marshall Boogie Black or Purple speaker Cabinet WGS 8 Ohm Veteran


Hughes & Kettner TM-10-CAB TubeMeister 30w 1x10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet